Iberfluid - Alcobendas
In Progress


Description: Complete renovation and refurbishment of an industrial building.

AddressAddress: Calle Valportillo Primera, 2 Alcobendas, Madrid.

Building surface: 2.996 m²

Duration: In progress

Modernization and rehabilitation works of an industrial building owned by Diplogest S.L., and future headquarters of Iberfluid Instruments, specialists in systems for the measurement and control of industrial processes.

This mixed-use building will have 2,996 m2 divided into three floors and will house administrative offices, laboratories and storage-workshop areas. The eight-month intervention aims to recover the architectural values of this old building, built in 1990 on a highly visible plot with a landscaped outdoor area, and to convert it into one of the company's representative headquarters.


The project has had a large demolition phase already executed, which consisted of the dismantling of the vertical communications core, the dismantling of the outer face of the facade and the removal of all partitions and interior finishes. In this way, the building has been left in a raw and totally diaphanous state, from which the new spaces designed by AXIS will be built and articulated, which will also have a completely renovated network of installations, with the premise of energy saving and the use of renewable energies.


The great constructive challenges of this project are the reconfiguration of its façade, which will have large openings closed with a curtain wall system and composite panel cladding and a ceramic plinth of large format pieces, and the erection of a sculptural staircase of exposed concrete that will connect all the spaces of the building from the ground floor.