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For us, each project is a chance to create something truly unique for your business.

AXIS Arquitectura is based in Madrid and Barcelona but works with clients all over Spain.

Property owners entrust us with repositioning their assets, adding value and amplifying returns by transforming properties inside and out. Occupiers choose us to design and fit out their spaces to reflect and enhance their corporate image.

We create value for our clients by elevating and repositioning their assets on a turnkey design & build model



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A conceptual narrative to tell your company’s story

At AXIS Arquitectura, design is a fundamental part of our identity.

We develop a unique narrative and design concept for each project, starting from the client’s identity and values.

Design concepts evolve and change as we move forward, fed by specialisation, creativity, research and a deep understanding of materials and construction processes, always grounded in a commitment to sustainability and ESG.


Each project is unique, and that’s how we approach it

Architecture and interior design are the core disciplines for AXIS Arquitectura. Each complements the other, and we see them come together over the course of our projects.

The architecture division undertakes both new construction and full-scale renovation projects requiring significant upgrading of structural elements, facilities and façades.

The division also offers technical project planning, permit processing and management and architectural supervision of construction works.

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construction & turnkey

From design concept to a vision fulfilled

For AXIS, the construction process is guided by experience, extensive knowledge and a commitment to deliver on our promises. Our experienced team at AXIS Arquitectura will make sure that the project stays on track. Most of our projects are carried out on a "turnkey" basis, an area where AXIS Arquitectura stands out for its rigorous commitment to delivering on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

Depending on our clients’ needs, all of our projects can be designed to improve environmental performance or to meet the requirements of the following certifications:

BREEAM and LEED sustainability certifications
WELL Health and Wellness Certification
WIREDSCORE Connectivity Certification
AIS Accessibility Certification

Whenever required, we will prioritise environmental performance and ESG protocols, in line with client requirements.


Specially curated to enhance your space

Furnishings are an integral part of the design.

Our furniture solutions team works hand-in-hand with our designers to create a seamless, harmonious space, selecting each element to complement the original design concept, adhere to ESG and sustainability standards and add value to the finished whole.

We offer an extensive choice of options from a range of brands, but can also design bespoke furnishings just for your project, working in partnership with local creators.

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due diligence & consultancy

Comprehensive technical and urban planning review

AXIS Arquitectura offers property owners and managers a wealth of practical experience in conducting comprehensive technical and urban planning reviews, including risk analysis and CAPEX estimation. 

project management

Expertly steering each project from start to finish

For our technical consulting team, project management and monitoring are among the most important services for today’s construction process, which involves a large number of participants: developer, investor, financier, builder, technical team, property team, commissioning, quality control, etc.

For this reason, the project manager’s role is essential to coordinate all those involved and ensure that the project is carried out correctly, always respecting the three key pillars: quality, cost and timeframe.

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Contact our AXIS Property consultants to discuss your real estate needs

Contact our AXIS Property consultants to discuss your real estate needs