At AXIS, design is a fundamental part of our identity. Each project begins with an analysis of the client’s needs and concerns, enabling us to offer a completely bespoke design.

Design concepts are in constant development, nurtured by specialisation, creativity, research and knowledge of materials and construction processes.

To bring our designs to life we use various techniques and technologies in accordance with the scope and requirements for each project.


Architecture and interior design are the main disciplines at AXIS. Each complements the other, and we see them come together over the course of our projects.

The architecture division undertakes both new construction and comprehensive refurbishment projects requiring significant upgrading of structural elements, facilities and façades.

The division also offers technical project planning, permit processing and management and architectural supervision of construction works.


For our technical consulting team, project management and monitoring are among the most important services for today’s construction process, which involves a large number of participants: developer, investor, financier, builder, technical team, property team, commissioning, quality control, etc.

For this reason, the project manager’s role is essential to coordinate all those involved and ensure that the project is carried out correctly, always respecting the three key pillars: quality, cost and timeframe.



For a project to succeed, it is essential to adhere to the design.

For Axis, the construction process is guided by experience, extensive knowledge and a commitment to deliver on our promises. Our experienced team will make sure that the project stays on track.

Most of our projects are carried out on a "turnkey" basis, an area where AXIS Architecture stands out for its rigorous commitment to delivering on time and on budget.

Depending on our clients’ needs, all of our projects can be designed to improve environmental performance or to meet the requirements of the following certifications:

  • BREEAM and LEED sustainability certifications  
  • WELL Health and Wellness Certification
  • WIREDSCORE Connectivity Certification
  • AIS Accessibility Certification

In addition, our projects can be adapted to improve eco-efficiency and ESG protocols, based on our clients' requirements.