Costa Brava


Description:Turnkey design and renovation of common areas of an office building in Madrid.

Address: Travesía de Costa Brava, 4-6 semisótano, Madrid.

Surface area: 2,000 m²

The main objective of the project was to transform existing areas into new amenity hubs, adding value to the rest of the complex and enhancing the existing facilities. The space has been divided into a coworking area, with workstations, informal working areas, phone booths and two independent meeting rooms; a seminar room and auditorium, both with independent external access; a cafeteria with an office and outdoor terrace and a gym area, with separate toilets and changing rooms and a multipurpose room.  

Our design gives warmth to the space by combining different floorings materials, with wood finishes and a warm colour palette and furnishing chosen for their comfort and functionality.

Special thought has been given to the lighting throughout, whether technical or decorative.