Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

he new Ortho Clinical Diagnostics offices, designed by the Axis Arquitectura studio, have been created to convey the current and innovative image of the company and were born with the intention of creating comfortable and creative spaces that foster inspiration, transparency and communication. .

David Barrios, General Manager of Ortho Clinicals Diagnostics Iberia, wanted his new headquarters to be warm and modern, in line with the company's values, an office that reflected transparency and fostered communication with its collaborators, clients and patients.

To achieve the goal of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Axis Arquitectura has proposed and developed flexible and modern common spaces such as the Innovation Room, which include collaborative environments capable of creating a training session for twenty people or several independent meeting points. It has been achieved through flexible and creative furniture, such as office ballz, dynamic stools, two-tier bleachers and soft seating chairs.

They have kept the corporate colors complementing red as the main color of the multinational, and bluish tones with a very dynamic design of geometric motifs on the walls have been added to create spaces with a lot of personality. The mixture of these elements has achieved a different image for each space, such as meeting rooms, offices and open space.

For David Barrios, Axis Arquitectura has managed to capture the essence of their needs from the first moment, having managed to create just the climate they were looking for for their new offices.

  • Date : January 2020
  • Client : Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • State : Completed
  • Location : Calle via de los Poblados (pol Empresarial), 1