Design and construction of the new KNAUFheadquarters in Spain. Located in Madrid, at Avenida De Burgos 114, with 1,300m² distributed on a single floor.

Knauf is the world's largest manufacturerof gypsum boards, with 60 production factories, spread all over the world, anda production capacity of more than 1 Billion m².

The design of the office reflects thecompany's experience in construction, without forgetting the premium brandimage nor the harmony of its spaces.

The brand's flagship materials have beenused, both in their usual way and in small reinterpretations developed jointlywith the technical department, such as the use of profiling as decorativelattices or the creation of organic acoustic elements.

The result is an elegant, functional and welcoming office.

  • Date : October 2018
  • Client : Knauf
  • State : Completed
  • Location : Avda de Burgos, 114