Francisco Gervás 4, Alcobendas

The design proposal was carried out for Mibis Real Estate with the aim of optimising the available space in its office building located at Calle Francisco Gervás, 4, Alcobendas.

The entrance to the rectangular space is located at one end and the office benefits from natural light throughout thanks to the curtain wall façade on one side of the property.

The different spaces were grouped at either end of the office: the more client facing areas (reception and meeting rooms) are located close to the entrance to the office, while the more private areas (offices) are located at the other end of the office. The workstations are located between these two spaces in an open-plan area and are grouped in islands comprised of 6 desks that are set perpendicular to the facade, thereby allowing them to make the most of the natural light.

The design highlights the chequerboard effect flooring that contrasts with the neutral furnishings and partitions. A selection of strongly figured wood panelling adorns the walls, which together with the flooring give the office a unique look and feel.

  • Date : March 2015
  • Client : MIBIS Real Estate
  • State : Preliminary draft
  • Location : Alcobendas (Madrid)