Dr. Falk

Dr .Falk Spain, a company that specialises in the development and sale of medicines for the haematology and gastroenterology sectors, instructed AXIS Arquitectura to design and carry out the works for its new headquarters in Madrid.

The property comprises a 245 sqm office located in the Aravaca Village Complex (Madrid).

The office is rectangular in shape and features two outer façades. The geometry of the building dictates the layout of the spaces, which are distributed in a linear format along the longitudinal façade.   

In terms of design, the aim was to enhance the luminosity of the office, combining opaque and translucent partitioning to maintain privacy in the rooms,  whilst at the same time letting light in.

We would note the choice of natural coloured materials that provide an element of warmth to the space, accentuated by the texture of the flooring, wooden elements and natural plants.

  • Date : September 2015
  • Client : Dr. Falk
  • State : Completed
  • Location : Madrid